Saturday Afternoons are for….PICKLING!

I saw a great video on one of my fave blogs: This blog is from the authors of Whole Life Nutrition, an amazing cookbook. While not paleo, it contains recipes you can easily make paleo. This book has over 200 gluten-free, dairy-free, and egg-free recipes.  I’ll start posting some recipes from there soon…

Back to the pickling. 🙂 Why this recipe caught my eye: I get a great bin full of local, organic veggies from Dandelion Organic.  I ended up having some leftover veggies I didn’t want to go to waste, so went searching for something to do with them. I saw the video and thought, “what a great way to keep veggies for several weeks on hand, and all it takes is salt and water. WOW. That’s  something I can do!

And, this is something that could be super fun with your kids! After chopping the veggies, have them in the kitchen helping you  pick the colorful nummies to put in each jar. It’s a rainbow of color that is so appealing for people of all ages!

Check out the pics:

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THE ONLY spices I added to mine this time around were peppercorns and red pepper flakes. I didn’t have anything else on hand and I wanted to test it out, so kept it very simple.

I have to wait 7 days to taste, so stay tuned!

Here’s what ya do:

1 glass quart jar with a plastic lid
1 to 1 1/2 tablespoons sea salt
2 cups filtered water

Any Combination of Raw Organic Vegetables:
chopped cauliflower
chopped beets
chopped carrots
chopped green beans
chopped bell peppers
sliced radishes
sliced daikon
sliced cucumbers
chopped turnips
chopped broccoli
chopped kale
chopped onions
chopped green onions
chopped garlic
cabbage leaves (for the top)

Any Combination of Herbs and Spices:
dried chili peppers
black peppercorns
bay leaf
fresh dill
fresh basil
fresh tarragon
fresh mint
sea vegetables (arame or hijiki) – use less salt if using these

First dissolve your sea salt in water in a glass jar or 2-cup glass measure. Then place you favorite combination of vegetables into a quart jar (you can use a larger cylindrical jar or ceramic crock instead, just double or triple the salt brine keeping the same ratio of salt and water). Add a few layers of herbs and spices too. I prefer to keep the peppercorns in the first layer, on the bottom of the jar, so they don’t float to the top. Make sure you leave about an inch from the top of the jar.


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