Chicken Bundles

Well, I’m not exactly sure where the last three weeks have been. Seriously – what the hell have I been doing?! I’m standing in my kitchen once again trying to remember all of the great food recipes I’ve wanted to post and I haven’t. And now I have to go find my notes, which could be on the computer at home, computer at work, in one of 10 spiral notebooks I have lying around, or, on post-it notes. Sh*t.

Well, I’m trying a new tactic. I’m doing one recipe and I will type it exactly as I go. WOW – what an organized concept.

So, I call this little diddy ‘chicken bundles.’ And I’m making this up on the fly, so bare with me. 🙂

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Marinade/baste stuff/sauce

  • 1/4 teaspoon ginger
  • Sea salt/pepper to taste, I did about 1/4 tsp of each of these
  • juice of one medium orange (or two smaller orange-type fruits – I used tangerines)
  • juice of one lime
  • 1/4-1/2 cup of grape seed oil

Din Din Ingredients

  • chicken tenders (can easily use breasts, pound out to even thickness
  • veggies of choice – I used zucchini, green onion, asparagus, and something green with yellow flowers (you’ll see from the pic)
  • Note: Use veggies that will stand up with the chicken – cut them bigger so they are done perfectly by the time the chicken gets done – just keep an eye on it when you whip it on the grill

And you’ll see in the pics that I have cooking twine to wrap. Well, changed my mind. What makes EVERYTHING better? Even red velvet cupcakes (although I’ve not tried this yet)? Prosciutto!! May still need twine, but we’re trying it this way first.

  • Asparagus – cut tough ends off, I used two – three thin stalks or one – two medium stalks.
  • Onion – hard to cut, used an outside ring cut thin. See pics.
  • Yellow/green things that I don’t know what they are: two stalks
  • One chicken tender, salt and peppered
  • One green onion
  • Two – three sprigs of cilantro
  • One ‘fry’ cut zucchini
  • One-two (go for two, why the heck not?)  pieces of prosciutto – just rolled my first, use two. Way better.
  • and you’ll notice from the first one I rolled to the second – added the cilantro. It’s right there, how could I forget on the first one? Geeze…

So once you roll it all up, nice and tight, brush the marinate on the outside of the goodies so it doesn’t stick to the grill. 🙂

Have the grill preheated. These took about 15 minutes. Check in then take it off or leave it on for another minute or so…but, 15 worked for our grill, we don’t want to kill anything in the wrap.

We are enjoying these right now – they are GOOD. ENJOY!


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