Egg Bake and Ramblings

Good morning! Wow, it’s a beautiful, sunny day in the Pacific Northwest. It’s 8am, my egg bake is in the oven and The Fuzz is outside hammering. I’m sure our neighbors LOVE us. Yeah…can you say ‘power saw’? Not good. And, he leaves tomorrow and leaves me to defend myself against their stink eye!

Moving on. I had a shit day yesterday. Not sure what it was. I was off. I was rushed for a WOD that I really wanted to be at but didn’t take the initiative to just get my butt in gear to do what I needed to do and leave. I was waiting around, doing things I probably should have skipped. When it came to do the lifting, I had ten minutes left before I had to leave and I just couldn’t get the weight over my head. I was flustered, 8 eyes watching me and I started to crack.

So, I said, ‘this isn’t going to happen, I need to go, sorry’ and proceeded to run out of the gym. I then got an iced coffee and broke down in the drive through of starbucks. Thank heavens for large sunglasses.

Anyhoo, talked to my Coach (and good friend) later, got a gentle tongue lashing, and realized that I need to step my shizzle up. I am strong. I had a bad day. I can cry, move through it and be stronger on the other side of it. So, woke up this morning, believing in myself a bit more, cooked a massive egg casserole for just two of us (I just heard my husband say “Uh Oh”. That can’t be good. Sh*t. I’m going to pretend I didn’t hear it…) and am going to hit costco so I can make some amazing meals this weekend.


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So, the FOOD part of this is as follows:

Egg Bake with a Ton of Nummy Veggies

Ok, I’ve made egg bakes before. I know this, but keep reading. This is fantastic – they all are, but just a couple of tweaks makes it so different and nummy. AND – here’s the thing. I like to plan. Especially food plan. This is a perfect thing to make for breakie one day on the weekend, make a huge glass pan of it – cut it up, put in individual containers and eat it for breakfast every day for the following week. It’s GOOD, and you don’t have to worry about breakie. And guaranteed you won’t get sick of it because it’s good. Spice it up with a bit of salsa…

Ok, on to the food:

  • 1 lb of ground meat of choice. I used mild Italian Chicken Sausage from Isberio’s. FAB, and gluten free.
  • about 10 eggs. I used all I had and it looked like it wouldn’t be enough. BUT, it worked out. See pics.
  • chopped onion
  • chopped broccoli
  • chopped spinach
  • chopped chard
  • half sweet potato or yam (I used garnet yam), uncooked
  • salt and pepper to taste
  1. Preheat oven to 350.
  2. Put onions in a pan, start sweating those down. Add ground meat, get those good and mixed, cook for a few minutes making sure meat is crumbled.
  3. Add chopped broc. Cook till it turns that nice dark green…cook a few minutes more. Taste test. You want it firm-crunchy when you add the chard.
  4. So, the chard. I got a nice bunch of rainbow chard in my veggie bin this week (I encourage you to order this – Dandelion Organic – check it out. Makes hitting the grocery store a lot easier). So, chard. I don’t cut the ribs out. People do…they are tough, so, I just cut them up – dice dice dice, and add them all to the pan! See pic, I use this half moon knife thing that I don’t know the official name of. Sorry.
  5. Adding the ribs is just nummy. There’s got to be good nutrients in there, and, it’s pretty with the different colors…
  6. enough of the chard. Now, spinach. Also from my bin, ripped it up and put in in the bottom of a greased baking dish.
  7. While stuff is cooking, scramble your eggs.
  8. Make sure everything in the pan is well mixed. Now, grab your half peeled yam and shred into pan. Put as much as you want in there. I added about 1/2-3/4 C. Mix it up. Wait a couple minutes.
  9. Now, you’ll put the stuff that’s in the pan in the baking dish. Add a bit of salt and pepper.
  10. Pour eggs over everything, shake it so it reaches where it needs to reach. It may LOOK like you don’t have enough eggs..if you don’t think so, add more. If you don’t have any more (like me), there’s not much you can do so go with it.
  11. Put in oven for 30 minutes. Check it, if it’s still wobbly in the middle, then cook for a bit more.
  12. Viola – NUM. ENJOY!!

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I'm a personal trainer, coach, CrossFitter, food lover, terrible singer, step-monster, wife, amateur chef, and coffee & tequila addicted. And we've just scratched the surface.

One thought on “Egg Bake and Ramblings

  1. I’m going to have to make this. I make paleo pancakes almost every morning for myself, but Mickey rarely makes time to eat more than a banana. This would be easy and perfect for both of us.

    Bad days are so draining – glad you had a good talk with your coach. And you are SUPER DUPER strong!! 🙂

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