Well, this is it. Regionals are here. This post will be more like a dump than a ‘ramble.’ I have been struggling mentally more this year than last year. Not sure why. Maybe its because I’m not training for both Ski to Sea and Regionals so I’m more focused on one vs. both. Yeah, I’ll never do that again…that was rough.

Anyhoo, I look back at the last six weeks and am shocked at how far I’ve come, mentally, physically and emotionally (this is questionable). Six weeks ago I was heavy into shoulder rehab, not lifting anything over my head for at least 2 months. Then, during a very exciting episode of ‘Making the Bed,’ I strained a back muscle to the point where I was laying on a bag of ice for an entire day because I could barely move. That strain happened 3-4 weeks ago.

And now look at me. I’m hang cleaning 135. I’m push-pressing 110. Tack on that I can now do a one leg squat pretty good. While those are physical breakthroughs for me, my mental ones mean more. I’ve moved from myself saying “This weight is too heavy, this is never going to happen” to “holy shit, I can’t believe I just did that…”.

My thought processes around CrossFit Regionals has come a long way as well. You may not know this about me, but I didn’t play sports growing up. I might have had a summer or two where I tried softball, but nothing consistent. Oh, I played volleyball in 6th grade. Yeah…that was the extent of it. I feel strongly about kids playing sports because it gives them an outlet, it gives them support, gives them CONFIDENCE, and helps them learn to play on a team. These things are IMPORTANT in my eyes.My childhood was, well…that’s another story.

My point here is that I don’t have that team background, that team mentality. However – being on last year’s CFX team and this year’s CFX Team has taught me so much and has helped me grow leaps and bounds.

My teammates are amazing. My teammates are f’ing BOOMSAUCE (thanks Marlene). I remember doing the first team workout back in April. Nick was my partner. I couldn’t hold 35 lb dumbbell over my head – my arm wouldn’t hold it. That led to my head going in places like, “I can’t do this, I just need to tell Travis he should get someone stronger on the team, I’m no help….” I actually SAID to Nick (who was basically carrying our load) that “I’m not cut out for this.” He stopped, looked at me and said, “Don’t say that Shazzy.”

We finished that days workout and I went home to really think about that. His words helped me learn that it’s not just me out there. I’m on a team. I needed to start thinking like I’m on a team and I support these people with every ounce of my being, and they support me with every ounce of theirs.

Fast forward to now and we are only a mere 48 hours away from competing at Regionals. I’m excited. My thought processes have changed from “I can only do what I can do” to “I will do my best” to I WILL FUCKING ROCK THIS THING.

Yes, my mantras include F bombs. It’s a very powerful word. If I could have a theme song to go with it, I would (something by AC/DC). OH! If “You shook me all night long” plays, look out, people. You will hear me scream with DELIGHT. I love that songs. LOVE IT. Back to my thought-dump…

I will rock every second of every minute of every workout. The only reason I CAN do this is because I’m on an amazing team and that gives me power like none I’ve ever experienced before.

So, this post is a shout out to my team. As you have gotten stronger, I have gotten stronger. You inspire me to be better. The devil on my shoulder is dead. I am no longer standing in my way.

Thank you, team, for having me. For embracing the emotional chaos that sometimes surrounds me. We will go into this weekend confident and strong. We will shine.



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