Whole30 Day 3 Realization

I really am taking this Whole30 thing seriously because I had to DROP what I was doing and write this down before I lost it (aging…another topic for another day). I realized today that I am an emotional eater.  I have NEVER thought of myself this way. I have, for the most part, have a healthy relationship with food.

If I’m not engaged…pretty much at work only (this too is another topic for another day) then I reach down for snacks in my trusty ‘food’ drawer. There you USED to find lots of lara bars, other bars (all too sugary! Emergency Only!!!), Mary’s Crackers, other crunchy tid bits (all gluten free due to the fact I have celiac)…and I SHOVEL it in…seriously. There were times that I grabbed a handful of whatever and it was gone before I knew it.

I am so very happy I realized this. I am more aware of the issue – which is not food related, it’s emotion-related. More specifically, work-emotion-related.

Just wanted to share this in HOPES that if you do something like this too – you really THINK about the choice you are about to make and why…interesting stuff…I’ve learned a lot about myself today…

What did I do instead? Grabbed a nice cup of herbal tea. And it’s treating me just fine.



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