Whole30 Day 15

I’m over the hump! Whoo hoooooo! I’ve been on the Whole30 for 15 days. Well, maybe I should say 14.5 since I’m not through day 15 yet. 🙂

The sluggishness I mentioned last week is gone. My energy levels are awesome – consistent and a bit higher…I did a WOD with my daughter and son-in-law yesterday and felt I could go another round or five…slept like a baby for several days now…I honestly can’t wait to get through week three and see how I feel next Monday!

It’s funny how I thought I ate pretty good. Who cares if I  have a handful of tortilla chips every day…?? A square of chocolate here and there…well, now that the sh*t has been out of my system (or is in process of leaving my system) for a couple of weeks…I realized that my snacking was getting the better of me.

Not. Any. More.

And, I have SO MANY RECIPES to post. I hope to get a couple of them up tonight, pics or no pics! I think I need to rename my blog…it’s not just about getting my groove on in the kitchen…at 40, half way through the Whole30, I’m just plain getting my groove ON!


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I'm a personal trainer, coach, CrossFitter, food lover, terrible singer, step-monster, wife, amateur chef, and coffee & tequila addicted. And we've just scratched the surface.

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