Whole30 – a few days left and response to email

Hello! Pretty excited today as I’ve only got a few days left of the Whole30. I’ve made it! It was NOT a bad experience in anyway…I had my trying moments but honestly, I will stick to this way of life and be much stricter at various point through the year (i.e. prior to my 50K).

I had a friend from high school contact me via facebook asking me about my experience. I want to share that with you all. Let me know your comments, questions and experiences – would love to hear them.


Hey girl, good to hear from you!! I love food too – but was curious to see how different I would feel If I did cut out a few things here and there. I also wanted to see if I could change my sleep patterns. Typically, I take forever to fall asleep and sleep for 6-7 hours, usually feel pretty tired, not well rested. I used to blame that on living in the pacific northwest where it rains and is overcast most of the time.

For me, mentally I’m not really restricting…I eat pretty well most of the time, but I have a love affair with salty crunchy things, like tortilla chips and potato chips. I don’t eat it every day, but I do have a handful (more often than I like to admit). That, coupled with maple syrup in my coffee, rice crackers quinoa here and there, so on and so on….it was adding up to a slice of my diet. I also like my vino – but try to keep that to the weekends. But that is sugar – and that causes issues.

For the Whole 30, I wanted to see if I could cut the crap out for 30 days. Honestly, the first Friday night was the hardest because we had friends over and I wanted to unwind from crappy week..but I stayed strong and got through it. During the week isn’t an issue. I prepared – I pre made my snacks, had meals planned, etc., so I wouldn’t falter. And I didn’t. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not easy, but it’s also not hard either. You just have be prepared. When you are not – it’s HARD.

The whole thing with cutting dairy is that manufacturers pump it full of hormones and other crap that isn’t good for your body. it’s also one of the top five allergens for people – the other four are eggs (HUGE population has issues with this), soy, corn, (in everything!), wheat/gluten.

Many people don’t pay enough attention to how they feel after they eat something, so they think  the uncomfortable feeling will pass. Your gut may be leaking and you’re probably NOT getting the actual nutrients from the food you’re taking in. It’s an issue.

In much of the processed food today, you read on the ingredient list stuff you can’t pronounce. Many of these ingredients actually alter you psychologically – they make you want more (read wheat belly – unreal). Some foods today are like drugs – they get you ‘hooked.’ Crazy stuff.

Anyway, I’m rambling!! Sorry. Ultimately, I have a few days left. I feel amazing. I sleep SO WELL. I mean, I fall asleep quick after I hit the pillow (used to take me an hour) and stay asleep for 7-8 hours. I wake up with the birds and don’t ever feel like staying in bed…I’ve found out that I have a huge issue processing unblanched nuts and cannot do dairy – I break out in a rash (dairy has multiple skin issues associated with it).

I will continue to eat like this and add a few things back in, like my wine and try some chips. But I feel too good to go back to the way I was eating.

This is a much easier task to do if your entire household is with you. My husband lasted 7 hours. Yeah. Not good. Anyway, I kept stuff around that he likes to eat and again, prepared myself well so I wouldn’t falter. That’s they key. A good book to read is It Starts With Food (http://whole9life.com/itstartswithfood/) – these are the folks that started the Whole 30.

All you’re really doing with this is resetting your system and becoming more aware of what you put in your body and how it makes you feel. I will absolutely do this again before my 50K this fall and will stick to it pretty well until then. It’s become a bit more than an experiment – it’s become a way of life. Sounds cheesy – but honestly, we are what we eat. And if we want to last in this world, we better start taking care of ourselves a bit better.




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