Paleo Diet Myths

This is a great post from Sébastien Noël at Paleo Diet Lifestyle. He’s got some GREAT stuff, and great recipes.

His latest email touched on the 5 myths of eating paleo. Check it out – good, quick read.

Remember, there are varying thoughts on paleo – know the “bones” and listen to your body. Do what works for YOU.



With a diet as popular as Paleo, there’s a lot of misinformation floating around the internet. Take a look at our top five myths and truths before you fall prey to scare tactics:

Myth #1: Paleo is low-carb
Truth: Paleo is about avoiding modern food toxins, not about restricting carbs. The earliest incarnations of Paleo were low-carb, based on incomplete information about what hunter-gatherers actually ate. Now we know that humans can be perfectly healthy on a wide range of carb intakes – non-toxic carbs like potatoes and white rice are perfectly acceptable on Paleo.

Myth #2: Paleo is expensive
Truth: Modern processed food is expensive. Say you’re buying breakfast for the week. You could either buy a box of granola ($5) or two dozen eggs ($1.50 per dozen, so $3 total). You could buy a gallon of milk ($3.50) to go with your granola, or a bag of spinach ($2.50) to cook into your omelet. Some strawberries for your granola ($3.50) or some onions for your eggs ($1.50). Paleo actually saves you money!  (read all the money saving tips here)

Myth #3: Paleo is about imitating cavemen
Truth: Paleo is about choosing and eating the best food for your health, regardless of what was or wasn’t available in the actual Paleolithic. Evolutionary science is just a starting point for research. Nobody is actually trying to imitate a caveman. (read all about the dangers of Paleo imitation here)

Myth #4: There is only one “Paleo diet” (My FAVORITE – READ!!!)
Truth: Paleo is individual. Some people feel fine with dairy; others prefer to avoid it. Some people eat low-carb; other people eat high-carb. There is no one “correct” way to do Paleo; the right way is the way that works for you.

Myth #5: Paleo is about weight loss
Truth: Paleo is about health. For some people, health means losing some extra fat. For others, health might mean gaining muscle to improve their athletic performance, or maintaining their weight during a serious illness. The weight loss stories are impressive, but Paleo is much more than that. (read all about Paleo weight loss here)

Worried about something else? Don’t let other myths about Paleo scare you off – do some research before you believe everything you read or hear!


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