Whole 30 Round 2, Week 2 #W30R2

Wow. Let me be honest – I had a ‘bad’ afternoon on Friday. I put bad in quotes because I’m trying to determine how I felt about the whole situation. I think it was more sad – I was sad on Friday afternoon. Anyway, that led me to a weekend bender of sorts that really wasn’t Whole 30. I’m now officially on the Whole 33. I laugh at that.

Friday I had 2oz of wine and two small pieces of dark chocolate. Now, to some that may not seem like anything, but when I made the commitment to be on the Whole 30 again, I made the commitment. Apparently, my commitment isn’t that strong.

Friday night, no sleep (shocker). Saturday, woke up ready to kill someone (my husband left as soon as he could), post Saturday dinner, had the wine and chocolate.  Sunday, woke up to a horrendous period (might be TMI, might add to the roller coaster I was on this weekend) no booze, just chocolate. It’s now Monday and I’m serious once again.

I’m not going to beat myself up for this. Why? It’s done. I made shitty food choices, I paid dearly for it, and now I’m refocused.

Ultimately – I KNOW I feel better when I don’t eat the shit. I know this. I was emotionally thrown for a loop and I took advantage of it instead of sticking to my guns.  I own it, 100%.

Well, today is a new day. And it’s mine. And I will make positive food choices. And I will sleep better tonight. #W30R2


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