Cook Your Veggies Properly!

Thank you Paleo Diet Lifestyle for an article on how to properly cook our veggies for optimum nutrition!

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Nom Nom Paleo’s Broiled Zucchini

Ok, I’m just re-posting this from Nom Nom Paleo. I needed some fun new ideas for veggies and Michelle had them!

So, thank you Nom Nom Paleo for this (and my next) recipe.

This was really easy, as long as you have a mandoline slicer. If you don’t, go get one. ┬áLOVE using the madoline.

I used a bit too much coconut oil, so mine didn’t turn out as crispy as I would have liked, but it was still good.

This was super tasty and super easy, wonderful with our steak dinner. Enjoy!!

IMG_4060 IMG_4061